It is not a requirement – It is a passion!

Welcome to a unique 210-minute experience celebrating, inspiring and investing in volunteers! We also would like to be known as the happiest preschool and children’s ministry volunteer conference on the planet!

The theme is Live to Serve, and we know many of you have amazing volunteers who do just that. This conference has been designed with them in mind. We want them to experience fun, encouragement, laughter, unity, excitement and practical wisdom that will pump them up as they press on to give, love and serve others.

There is no shortage of great conferences for those in children’s ministry today. But many are far away and too expensive to take a large number of volunteers. That’s why we are bringing this conference to you. We want to provide a place where your entire team can come and learn together! Think of the great discussions this would allow you to have. Consider the brainstorming that might happen as a result of something like this. Imagine the kingdom impact that could happen if your team started moving together in the same direction!

We’ll do everything we can to make the learning enjoyable. We’ve asked the best conference speakers we know of to come and share what they’ve learned while leading their own children’s ministry volunteers. Their information will be practical, encouraging and motivating. These are folks who really know what it’s like to serve with kids year after year, and just like you, they want Sundays and volunteers to thrive so that a strong legacy of faith will be passed on to the next generation of Christ followers.

Kid’s pastors, directors and staff—don’t worry! We have set aside some special time just for you too. We know that volunteers are super busy people, so we’re only going to ask them to stay until lunchtime. But, that gives us time in the afternoon to invest and develop ministry leaders and directors WHO WOULD LIKE TO ADD AN ADDITIONAL THREE HOURS OF TRAINING to their experience.

IT COSTS A LITTLE BIT MORE BUT it’s going to be worth it. We’ll tackle your biggest challenges and think with you about best practices and possible solutions. This will be a great chance for you to learn from some of the other leaders in your area and to learn from experts who mentor and coach leaders worldwide in a small, intimate setting. We want to help you become the best leader you can be, so volunteers will thrive in your ministry.

We’re taking this conference on the road in January 2014, but we’re already counting down the days. Come see us.  We. Just. Can’t. Wait.

Sue Miller and Amy Fenton