2017 Information

Live to Serve 2017 is for You, Me…We!


“This is not about me. It’s not about you. It’s about how WE do this together!


We’ve noticed that not normal volunteers work together differently than most.


It has to do with putting aside person agendas and deciding to work on one bigger agenda that drew everyone together in the first place.


They know that something out of the ordinary happens whenever you get a group of people together who all have something in common. Something not at all normal.” -Leading Not Normal Volunteers, by Sue Miller and Adam Duckworth


We know volunteering is a special and unique thing. Whenever you find yourself with people who are experiencing the same thing you are, connection happens. No matter who you talk to, no matter if things are funny, sad, frustrating or fantastic, you can identify with each other. You’re all in the same boat. You are all sharing the same moment.


At Live to Serve we want to provide a milestone moment for your team, a moment to share together. We want to cast vision for what You, Me and We looks like and how a team of not normal volunteers who are committed to the “WE” can change a child, a family, a church and even a community.


Join us to remind your team what started as a normal “you” and “me” situation can quickly turn into a not normal collective “we” experience.


Imagine what it would look like if volunteers were unified around the same mission, if those same volunteers were connected relationally with one another. Imagine a child, growing in their faith in an environment like that!






Helping volunteers get the MOST out of their serving.


Get ready for a unique and inspiring 210 minute experience for you and ALL your Kids Ministry Volunteers! 


This year we have ALL NEW content to help your not normal volunteers get the most out of serving on your team. If you want well equipped volunteers, we are the conference for you!

This conference is called LIVE TO SERVE because we know many of you have amazing volunteers who do just that… So why not create something just for them! We want YOUR volunteers to experience fun, encouragement, laughter, unity, excitement and practical wisdom that will pump them up as they press on to give, love and serve others.

Lets face it…there is no shortage of great conferences for those in children’s ministry today. But most are either too far away or too expensive to take a large number of volunteers. That’s why we’re bringing this conference to you.  We want to provide a place where your ENTIRE team can come and be inspired together!


Imagine what the impact on your church and your community would be, if your entire team started moving together in the same direction! Imagine what it would look like if volunteers were unified around the same mission, if those same volunteers were connected relationally with one another. Imagine a child, growing in their faith in an environment like that!


What if you and me became WE?




Let’s meet up and go to work on this at Live to Serve this year.


We. Can’t. Wait.


Sue Miller and Amy Fenton


For questions or more info about our 2017 events please email livetoserve@rethinkgroup.org

Ministry Leaders Only



The afternoon session is for ministry leaders only and will help you further unpack the “You, Me, We” conversation we will start in the morning. This time will be led by Jeff Helton. Jeff is a counselor, a ministry coach, and consultant and has served the local church in executive roles over the past 25 years. He traveled with the Live to Serve team for the first time last year and we heard nothing but amazing things for the conference attendees! You can read more about him at jeffhelton.com


Before you arrive at Live to Serve, you will receive 1 online assessments that we will ask you to work through ahead of time. This will allow us to present you with a personalized folder when you arrive in the afternoon. In this folder you will have a mini book on YOU!




Our goal in this is to help you in these areas:


• Improve in leadership
• Become better at crucial conversations
• Stronger in communication
• Grow the area of conflict resolution
• Understand the power of “WE!”


We want to end the day helping you see what you do well, as well as where you can grow. Our hope is that the tools Jeff will provide you with, will help you better navigate relationships with:


• Volunteers
• Parents
• Fellow Staff
• Senior Leaders


This is going to be an invaluable time of leadership growth! I hope you can join us.


8:30 Registration opens

9:00 Main Session

10:00 Break

10:15 Breakouts

11:15 Closing Session

12:30 Lunch on your own to debrief with your team


For Ministry Staff Only (optional and additional cost)

2:00–5:00 p.m.           Ministry Leader Session 



We are excited to offer the following breakouts at Live to Serve 2017 this year:


- Small Group LeadersDo you lead a small group of kids, or teach in a classroom with a small group of kids? We will talk about kids, their learning styles, how to keep them engaged and more!


- Large Group LeadersThis breakout is for anyone who teaches from the stage or in a Large Group setting in the classroom. If you are the main Bible Story teller, host or an actor on the team this breakout is for you!


- Partnering with ParentsIn this breakout we will discuss practical strategies for partnering with parents. We know to combined influences are greater than the two influences alone. How do you make that happen at your church in your ministry? We will give you practical tips and ideas.


- Special NeedsIf you lead Special Needs in your church, this is a networking time to talk with others who are in your shoes. We will share ideas and best practice tips for your ministry.


- Worship with Kids - If you lead worship, or are on the dance team in Kids Worship we will explore everything involved in this exciting role!

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